Content Insights for Articles.

Unlock your writing with the power of AI

Predict reaction instantly.

Gauge how your writing could come across to your audience with a single click. Advanced machine learning predicts emotion (happy, neutral, sad) and virality (0-100) to help you make sure you're putting your best foot forward.

Uncover bias, discover topics.

Understand your content's political bias (conservative, green, liberal, libertarian) so you know how to make your mark. Stay ahead of the game by knowing what topics your content relates to.


This project started out at Hack the North to explore the world of extensions and apply machine learning. We're passionate about reading and writing, and talked with Indico about the idea further.

While the original team fell apart, we took over to give this a shot. We're working hard on our next update which will add more insights and features to the extension, as we talk to potential users to understand how this can best help them. Stay tuned!


Q) What websites does the extension support?
A) We currently only support drafts and published articles on Medium. We are looking into supporting other popular content platforms in the future.

Q) How do I know your extension is accurate?
A) We have partnered with Indico Data Solutions, which was recently featured in Bloomberg Business and set a new record for 93.8% accuracy in one of their studies. We constantly test the predictions made by our tool and explore ways to improve them, but cannot guarantee its accuracy for all content.