Product Description
Brominated Rubber

Bromobutyl rubber (bromo-isobutene-isoprene rubber, BIIR) has excellent air tightness and can improve tire’s pressure-holding performance, increase tire service life, and reduce fuel consumption, thereby promoting the advancement of green tire. It is mainly used in the airtight inner layers of high-performance green tires and pharmaceutical rubber stoppers.

Product Advantages
Brominated Rubber

Excellent air tightness: The air permeability is 1/7 of that of natural rubber and 1/5 of that of styrene-butadiene rubber. Sufficient and stable air pressure of tires ensures long-term driving of car tires and contributes to a low-carbon life. Good processability and eco-friendliness: Chambroad Sinopoly’s new type of bromobutyl rubber reaction process can improve product purity and molecular weight distribution, and reduce water consumption in production thereby contributing to environmental protection. Wide applicability: products are designed and developed for emerging markets such as waterproofing materials, electrical damping, and sports goods, meeting diversified requirements.

Technical Parameter
High-performance materials-Brominated Rubber
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