Product Description
Motor Gasoline 98

The oil product delivers greater performance by optimizing the oil composition at the molecular level.With the adoption of nanomaterial additives, the oil product composition is optimized to reduce the friction between the piston and the cylinder wall, and improve the operating conditions of the engine, thereby significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions.It is the ideal choice for limousines!

Product Advantages
Motor Gasoline 98

The gasoline is blended from high-octane-number components and such gasoline components from refined crude oil as straight-run gasoline, catalytic cracking gasoline, and catalytic reformed gasoline, and meets the China VIb standard.

  • ≥ 98
    Research octane number (RON)
  • ≤ 35
    Aromatics, volume fraction %
  • ≤ 15
    Olefins, volume fraction %
High-efficiency Fuel-Motor Gasoline 98
principal: 王经理