Living Environment
Living Environment

Put people first and make employees happier

Comprehensive Health Management

We provide all-around medical care for all employees, and formulate appropriate health management measures in light of the different work natures of ordinary employees and the management to ensure employees' physical and mental health.

Medical Care Coverage
We establish “Mutual Funds for Employees” to cover the part that employees will not be reimbursed for during the treatment of major diseases.
Health Management
We create a special health management department, maintain employee health records for tracking, organize emergency rescue training, ensure employees' health and safety during work, formulate prohibitions against alcoholic drinks, and advocate for employees to develop good living habits.
Mental Health
We formulate EAP plans, set up a mental consulting hotline, Xinyiyun and online mental health platforms to protect employees' mental health, establish employee mental counseling rooms and decompression rooms, and organize employees' decompression activities.
Women Health Care
We build “Bays for Mothers” for pregnant women and nursing women, and introduce the logo of "Pregnancy" to guide employees to provide more care to pregnant women
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Carefree Life

We constantly improve the living environment of our employees, and commit to helping them to and is committed to helping them to have necessities for living, traffic, elderly care, children’s education, nutrition, and spiritual civilization.

Safe and Convenient Travel Arrangement
Highly Nutritious Meals
Colorful Recreational and Sports Activities
Benefits in Education and Elderly Care
Cozy Houses
Internal Restaurant
Internal Restaurant
Chambroad Heyuan
Chambroad Heyuan
Youth Running
Chambroad Dining Hall