Environment of growth
Environment of growth

Put people first and make employees happier

Growth Environment of Value Realization

In this big family of Chambroad, we focus on the implementation of the strategy about three environments of "living, working, and growth” put forward by the Chairman, strive to provide employees with a stronger sense of happiness and proudness in the company, show empathy with employees, treat them as our children, utilize the platform of Chambroad and leverage the five paths for promotion and the nine instructor systems, cultivate employees from the perspectives of body, mind, aspiration, and wisdom, encourage employees to embrace the culture of benevolence and filial piety, and put into practice, and realize their value for success.

  • Clear Career Paths
    Arrange seven career paths and plan paths for promotion so that employees can give full play to their advantages and develop smoothly along corresponding paths
  • Training System Covering All Employees
    Offer "tailor-made" training plans and courses for employees at different levels to meet their training needs and help them grow.
  • System for the Free Flow of Human Resources
    Formulate the Measures for the Management of Personnel and Post Optimization and the Measures for the Management of Personnel Flow, and promote the smooth flow and optimal allocation of human resources within the Group through measures such as "internal competition" and "renewal of employment contracts".
Training of College Students
Training of College Students
Graduation Party of College Students after Training
Training of Senior Management
Oath for Holding Posts
Oath for Holding Posts
Training of Promotion Teams in Literacy
Training of Middle and Senior Management by Rotation