Product Description
Motor Gasoline 95

The product is made from imported high-quality crude oil through an advanced refining process. Its detergent ingredient helps to improve cleanness, reduce harmful gas emissions, and prevent fuel system corrosion.The elaborately designed octane number mix minimizes engine knock for smoother operation and significantly reduces the engine vibration noise for a more comfortable ride.

Product Advantages
Motor Gasoline 95

The gasoline is blended from high-octane-number components and such gasoline components from refined crude oil as straight-run gasoline, catalytic cracking gasoline, and catalytic reformed gasoline, and meets the China VIb standard.

  • 95
    Research octane number (RON), min
  • 35
    Hydrocarbons, volume fraction %, max
  • 15
    Olefins, volume fraction %, max
High-efficiency Fuel-Motor Gasoline 95
principal: 王经理