Treating Employees with Benevolence
Treating Employees with Benevolence

Building growth, working and living environments for employees


Chambroad emphasizes the employees’ personal development by providing generous payment and excellent working environment including facilities and culture. A mature promotion and a lateral transfer mechanism have been established, coupled with sufficient training, to enable employees to achieve rapid improvement. The company also builds a family-like environment by combining western management concepts, eastern cultures, and modern workplace facilities.

  • Growth Environment
    • Multiple promotion routes (7 channels and 31 sequences)
    • Special promotion route for doctorate holders
    • Training resource allocation (9-level instructors, traditional culture program, selection for overseas education)
  • Working Environment
    • Office (intelligent joint operation room/factory intelligent lighting system)
    • Confidentiality subsidies (300 to 3,000 yuan/month depending on confidentiality level)
    • Party-member integrity guarantee (1,500 to 12,000 yuan/year)
    • Corporate culture subsidies (for filial piety, elderly care, and loyalty & filial piety)
  • Living Environment
    • Housing subsidies, youth apartment (rent-free public rental apartments of 40 to 70m2), and elderly-caring apartment
    • Baby daycare, kindergarten, children’s tuition fee subsidies
    • Employee health test (BMI index), annual health examination, alcohol prohibition
    • Sport facilities (swimming pool, gym, employee activity center)
Employee Spirit
Chambroad Kindergarten
Chambroad Kindergarten
Chambroad Kindergarten
Youth Building
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