Product Description
Ranqing RON 92 Motor Gasoline

Driving on congested urban roads and long-time idling will result in higher fuel consumption and more carbon deposits, and seriously worsen the driving experience.Ranqing RON 92 motor gasoline is an energy-efficient product jointly developed by Chambroad Petrochemicals and Jilin University in light of urban road conditions.We adopt the development process of “material selection, indicator verification, program design, bench test, dynamometer testing, and on-road assessment",。 The product is the fruit of repeated research on dozens of formulas and more than 100,000 kilometers of road tests. It features higher efficiency and greater cleanliness, and will bring you an impressive driving experience.

Product Advantages
Ranqing RON 92 Motor Gasoline

Ranqing RON 92 motor gasoline can deliver greater power and enable additional 20~40 kilometers of operation per tank of fuel.The special formula, the proper combination of raw materials, and the optimization of key ingredients allow for smoother acceleration on the road!The detergent ingredient can effectively remove carbon deposits from the engine, restore engine performance, and improve combustion for cleaner emissions, less consumption, and less impact on the environment!

  • No lower than 92.5
  • No lower than 740
  • 0.03
    Fuel saving rate
High-efficiency Fuel-Ranqing RON 92 Motor Gasoline
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