Serving the Society with Filial Piety
Serving the Society with Filial Piety

Creating wealth, serving the societyRespecting the aged and caring for the young, following benevolence & filial piety

Understanding the Government's Concerns

We have a strong sense of social responsibility, operate the business and pay taxes according to law, strive to tackle problems in core technological research that hinder industrial development, pursue sustainable development, endeavor to promote such national projects as industrial upgrading and rural revitalization, engage in such undertakings as education, medical care, elderly care, and charity, thereby contributing to the common prosperity for the Party and the government.

  • Public Responsibility
    • A National Demonstration Enterprise for Safety Culture, and an Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution to Energy Conservation in Shandong
    • The first local privately-run refinery with four-system certification, DuPont safety management, and clean production
  • Public Welfare Support
    • Public welfare services focusing on caring for the elderly and the young, supporting education, scientific research and industry development
  • Moral Behavior
    • An Advanced Certified Enterprise recognized by GACC, and Enterprise Rated as Grade A, the highest rating in tax credit rating
    • Application for reimbursement in good faith, the credit system, and the code of ethics
Chambroad’s Subsidies for the Elderly
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