Product Description
Motor Gasoline

As the highly efficient fuel developed by the Company with innovative technology for the energy industry, Clean Fuel is bound to deliver remarkable performance.In 2014, Clean Fuel, as Shandong’s first fuel product following clean fuel standards, passed the performance test by Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science.In 2019, Clean Fuel won another glory and was select the fuel for the official vehicles for international summits.In 2021, Clean Fuel was awarded the title of “Shandong Well-Known Brand”.

Product Advantages
Motor Gasoline

The selected high-quality crude oil and the world’s most advanced production technology ensure greater cleanliness from the start; the professional fuel design team and the cooperation with top scientific research institutes ensure more scientific fuel design; the combustion-supporting ingredients combined with the detergent ingredient ensure complete burning of the fuel and reduce carbon deposits on the engine for its better protection.

  • Lower than 8ppm
  • No higher than 2.0mg/300mL
    Simulated intake valve deposit
High-efficiency Fuel-Motor Gasoline
principal: 王经理