Product Description
Sulfuric Acid for Industrial Use

Sulfuric acid for industrial use is a colorless oily liquid and a strong acid having a high boiling point and low volatility.Made from waste gas from a refining process and industrial waste acid, the product belongs to eco-friendly regenerated products and has a significant cost advantage.In comparison with ordinary industrial sulfuric acid, the product has a clearer and more transparent appearance without any visible impurities.Its metal ion content is low and it is of stable quality.The product is especially suitable for use as the coagulation bath for viscose fiber separation, or the introduction of sulfuric acid groups to sulfur-containing compound fertilizers, and also suitable for metallurgical and metal processing to remove surface metal impurities.

Product Advantages
Sulfuric Acid for Industrial Use

The world-class gas sulfuric acid (WSA) process is adopted. The product is pure, transparent, and stable. Its metal ion content is low. It is widely used in the field of fertilizer, fiber, agro-chemistry, feed, titanium dioxide, and alkylation.

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Technical Parameter
High-end chemicals-Sulfuric Acid for Industrial Use
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