Management Quality Management
Management Quality Management

Quality is the lifeline and quality improvement is important as it can benefit others

Cultural Practice

Chambroad Petrochemicals actively implements the corporate quality culture, guides all staff in thinking and action, strengthens the appeal of quality culture, and enhances the core competitiveness of our quality management.

We organize internal "315" theme activities for guiding employees to change their consumption ideas, learn consumption knowledge, make scientific, rational, and sustainable consumption, and safeguard their lawful rights or interests according to the law.In addition, we standardize our operations and jointly foster a good consumption environment.
We conduct a wide variety of theme activities, develop the quality management philosophy of "quality first", create an atmosphere of quality improvement by all staff in the whole process, and implement the development strategy that highlights quality through the improvement of human quality and product quality.
We define the top ten quality bottom-line behaviors, raise employees' awareness of the "Red Line" for quality, and strictly implement the quality culture.
We avail ourselves of skill contests to encourage employees to continuously learn professional knowledge, strengthen professional competencies, and improve professional skills; we advocate the craftsmanship spirit of keeping on improving and contributing to the company’s high-quality development.

Quality-Related Awards and Honors

  • 2021 - An “Enterprise for Building High-End Brands in Shandong” by Shandong Administration for Market Regulation
  • 2020 - Chemistry Shop I certified as a “Five-Star Site” by the China Society of Quality
  • 2020 - Refining Shop G and Business Management Department certified as a “Four-Star Site” by the China Society of Quality
  • 2020 - An “Enterprise for Building High-End Brands in Shandong's Manufacturing Industry” by Shandong Administration for Market Regulation
  • 2019 - Refining Shop D certified as a “Five-Star Site” by the China Society of Quality
  • 2019 - Chemistry Shop D certified as a “Four-Star Site” by the China Society of Quality
  • 2019 - “The 18th China Quality Award” conferred by the China Society of Quality
  • 2018 - A “Quality Model in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries in Promoting Performance Excellence Experience” conferred by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
  • 2018 - “AAAAA Enterprise with Standardized Good Conduct” certified by China Association for Standardization
  • 2018 - The Center for Analysis and Testing certified as a “Five-Star Site” by the China Society of Quality
Quality Control
We assign high priority to quality, carry out quality assurance work from six aspects, namely research and development, suppliers, production process, finished products, product delivery, and product service, fully implement the Quality 1137 Project, and promote the company’s high-quality development based on the quality management system and the excellent performance management mode.

Development of standard systems

We establish an enterprise standard system with the main framework of "Product Realization, Basic Guarantee, and Post Standard System", a standard hall, and a hall of fame to foster the standardization work atmosphere in the company.We adopt standard management and the operation mode of "Methods, Methods, Standards, Knowledge, and Solutions” to promote system innovation.We actively participate in the revision of national or industrial standards to guide the development of the industry and increase the intangible assets of the company.

Local Standards
Industrial Standards
National Standards