Company Profile
Company Profile

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. is a large privately-run enterprise integrating petroleum refining and subsequent intensive processing, with petrochemicals as main business.

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. (“Chambroad Petrochemicals”) is located in Boxing county Economic Development Zone, Binzhou City, Shandong province. It serves as a large privately-run enterprise integrating petroleum refining and subsequent intensive processing, with petrochemicals as main business.Covering an area of over 7400 mu (about 2.67 km²), the company was established in 1991, known as the Boxing Lubricants Company Limited. In 1998, it established petrochemical industry as its main business and embarked on the road of diversified development. In 2000, it went private from a state-own company and adopted a corporate culture centered on “benevolence and filial piety”. In 2013, the company invested CNY 200 million on R&D center, forging its technological innovation edges and securing its leading position in petrochemical industry.

  • 1991 years
    Established in
  • 7400 mu
    Cover an area of


Thirty-years Journey of Forging Ahead with Unchanged Aspiration

  • 1991-2000
    The company was founded Establishment Painstakingly operating a state-run enterprise with all efforts
  • 2001-2009
    Company restructuring Restructuring Regarding our own enterprise as a social enterprise
  • 2010-2018
    The rapid development Rapid development One core, four sectors, nine industrial clusters
  • 2018-future
    The company change Reform Building our own enterprise into a social enterprise

Main products

Chambroad Petrochemicals is mainly engaged in three businesses, namely high-efficiency fuel, high-end chemicals and high-performance materials.

Chambroad Blue Power 101 Motor Gasoline served as the motor gasoline for Shanghai GT Masters recommended by official authorities, and helped Qian’an Jiujiang Motorcade to complete the China Around Taklimakan (International) Rally and the Silk Way Rally;
Our motor gasoline reached the national standard VI-B six years ahead of schedule;
and our motor diesel achieved compliance with the national VI standard two years ahead of schedule. The company is the first enterprise in Shandong Province to implement the standard of clean gasoline with its “Clean Fuel” rated as the international advanced level;
The company is certified by relevant Shandong authorities to produce food-grade hexane;
“Haiyun” asphalt for road pavement is a selected private supplier of road asphalt for Tibet and is among the first batch of excellent products certified by the China Communications Product certification Center (CCPC);
The independently developed “Juzheng” TBIR is the first one in the world, and has been included in the list of strategic emerging industries by NDRC;
Chambroad's high-performance new materials, including “Ju” brominated butyl rubber and polybutene alloy, have reached the international and domestic advanced level.

Safety is the first priory
Environmental protection is the foundation for long-term development

Chambroad Petrochemicals believes that “safety is the first priory and environmental protection is the foundation for long-term development”. According to this concept, the company has adopted a harmless treatment of waste to recycle resources and create value through the process. It has continuously increased the proportion of high-end products and at the same time turned waste gas, waste water and waste residues into thiourea, sodium hydrosulfide, environmentally friendly building materials and other green products. While enhancing the utilization of waste and protecting the environment, the company also aims to establish a comprehensive resource utilization center that boosts the green and circular economy.

Honors and Awards

  • 70 +
    National Awards
  • 40 +
    Provincial Awards
  • 20 +
    Municipal Awards
  • 10 +
    Industry Awards
2019 China Quality Award
2021 China Top 100 Fine Petrochemical Enterprises
Green Factory in Petroleum and Chemical Industry
Outstanding Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Enterprises
Creditability Demonstration Enterprise for the Quality of Products and Services in China
China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award

Industry Transformation

Actively implementing the requirements of China’s supply-side structural reform and Shandong Province’s development momentum replacement, Chambroad Petrochemicals has been reforming its product portfolio and industrial structure to upgrade from an oil refinery into an enterprise that pursues coordinated development of refineries, petrochemicals and materials. It is establishing the best practices of comprehensive operation that encompasses scientific innovation, human resources, and modern finance. The company aims to become a single-source supplier of value-added solutions for high-efficiency fuels, high-end petrochemical products, and high-performance materials. It strives to promote the formation of a new service provider business model that is supported by the second industry resources and become a world-leading green chemical company!

  • Oil refining
    Transforming operation methods and adjusting product structure 调整产品结构
  • Petrochemical
    Integrated projects are going on well
  • Materials
    Highly profitable reserve materials


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