Help partners succeed and establish a responsible supply chain

Integration and Win-Win Cooperation

Transparent Purchase
Supplier Relationship Management
Growing with Suppliers

We adhere to the professional ethics of transparent purchase and guarantee a transparent purchase process by incorporating the principles of fair, just, and open purchase into the purchase management system, and focusing on raising the consciousness of employees and suppliers about transparent and honest conduct.

Persevering in Transparent Purchase

We build an online electronic procurement platform, visualize the entire process including online source search, investigation, inquiry, and negotiation, and realize open, transparent, and lawful purchasing.

Preventing Business Corruption

With the help of information technology, such as the supplier management system, we conduct performance management, price management, and fund settlement management on suppliers, so all transactions with suppliers are under transparent supervision to eliminate corruption and fraud in relevant businesses.

Case Study: Education for Warning Against Corruption

To reduce the risk of corruption in the supply chain system, the Group organized more than 50 people in key positions such as material purchasing, engineering system, and cost audit to receive education for warning against corruption in Lubei Prison, thereby cautioning them to adhere to basic moral and legal principles in the face of temptation, setting examples to encourage healthy trends, and fostering a team atmosphere of integrity.

We continue to tighten the control of the responsible supply chain, establish a strict supplier evaluation system, and foster cooperation and mutual trust with suppliers to jointly build a system of altruistic business civilization and promote the sustainable development of the industry chain.

Supplier Relationship Management
“N+3+1” Supplier System

We establish a Chambroad supplier system with “the resource library, the registration library, and the partner library” and select well-recognized suppliers for cooperation.

Selection of Suppliers

We develop the "Supplier Platform Information Audit Guide", and establish a standardized process for the qualification and introduction of suppliers, which covers the whole life cycle from introduction to change management, freezing, and withdrawal.

Evaluation of Suppliers

We establish a "Chambroad Index" supplier evaluation index system, conduct a comprehensive evaluation of suppliers, classify them according to the evaluation results, and use the number of suppliers’ employees covered by relevant insurance as an evaluation index to raise the suppliers' awareness of responsibility and improve their performance of duties.

Disqualification of Suppliers

Those suppliers with a Chambroad Index below 60 or a Chambroad Index maintaining between 60 and 65 for long within a year will be disqualified as low-quality suppliers.

We embrace the philosophy of win-win cooperation, explore systems for long-term cooperation, promote resource sharing and synergy, and improve suppliers’ performance of duties.

Improvement of Suppliers’ Performance of Duties

We have invested more than 100 million yuan in helping more than 10 suppliers to upgrade their treatment technology for environmental protection for enhanced capacity of environmental protection.

We conduct scientific field research, provide guidance, and help suppliers solve technical problems and improve their product quality.

Fostering Suppliers’ Growth

We help suppliers to remove obstacles in the path of financing and solve their difficulties in funds;

we cooperate with suppliers for collaborative innovation from many aspects and at many levels.

Case Study: Establishing a Cloud Commerce Platform, and Facilitating the Display and Sale of Products by Suppliers

To facilitate upstream suppliers’ display and promotion of their goods, we establish a Chambroad cloud commerce platform, an O2O+B2B e-commerce MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) platform that covers bulk materials and spare parts for production, maintenance, and repair, integrate offline experience shops and e-commerce, build a resource sharing system, and create value for suppliers and customers.